Crisfield Customs House. The city’s most significant historical landmark.

This is the website where you can learn more about, and become a part of, transforming the Crisfield Customs House building into a showpiece of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Constructed just after the turn of the century, when Crisfield was the homeport to more sailing vessels than anywhere in the United States, this building served as the location for the United States Post Office and that of the U.S. Customs Service as well.

In 1867, before Crisfield was a city and still called ‘Somers Cove,’ the United States Customs Service established the Eastern District Office in Crisfield, Maryland.  To learn more about the Customs Service, see ‘Port of Crisfield.’

Original 19th Century Documents from the Crisfield Customs House.

The Customs House is undeniably one of the most historical significant locations in Crisfield, and to some, this building has become a beacon of hope.  The City of Crisfield, businesses and individuals are working with the Crisfield Heritage Foundation who is administering the project to save this building, and within these century-old brick walls create a central hub for an new industry that will take Crisfield into the 21st century and beyond.  To find out more about the preliminary plans for the Customs House, visit ‘The Vision.’

The most essential element in making the Customs House Project a success, is You!  Please see our page, ‘Get Involved’ to learn how you can become a part of this project that will become a part of Crisfield’s history.